Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League and New York Club Soccer League Announce Inaugural 

New York Champions Cup



New York, NY) April 29, 2021 – The Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL) and the New York Club Soccer League (NYCSL) have announced the inaugural New York Champions Cup to be held on June 26th at Cedar Creek Park, located in Seaford, NY.


The New York Champions Cup will showcase CJSL and NYCSL division winning boys and girls teams in the U10 through U18/20 age groups. Depending on the number of teams per age group, some Champions Cup brackets will feature semi-final games as well as a final, while other age groups will feature only a final.


The New York Champions Cup brackets include:


·   U10 Boys NYCSL Southeast, NYCSL Southwest, NYCSL Northeast D1 Champions, CJSL D1 Champions


·   U11 Boys (semi-final play in match: NYCSL D1 Eastern vs Western) vs CJSL D1 Champions


·   U12 Boys NYCSL D1 Gold Champions vs (semi-final play in match: CJSL D1 North vs South winner)


·   U13–U18/20 Boys NYCSL North Atlantic III Champions vs. CJSL D1 Champions


·   U10-U12 Girls NYCSL D1 Southeast Champions vs. NYCSL D1 Northeast Champions


Ron Restrepo, CJSL President, commented: “Having the ability to offer this end of season event to our member clubs is a bonus and an opportunity to enhance the overall quality of all our league competitions. We are thrilled with the support we continue to receive from NYCSL and know that our goals are very much aligned for providing the best level of play for our youth players. I want to thank all the folks that have made this event possible, and I can’t wait to watch some of these games in person.”   


Gary Grossman, NYCSL President, added: “Our relationship with the CJSL has been a wonderful experience, demonstrating how cooperation among supporters of youth soccer benefits youth players. Providing additional programming for the players was the next logical step in our partnership. So, we are excited to launch the New York Champions Cup for boys and girls this year. Additionally, I would like to thank the East Coast Football Club, which offered to host the event at their facility.”


For information about NYCSL, please contact Gary


For information about CJSL, please contact Ron Restrepo

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