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Game Day Procedure for Referee:

  1. Arrive to game site on time.  If running late contact the home team.

  2. Check in with both coaches and introduce your self.

  3. Confirm correct teams are scheduled to play, confirm game duration, ball size, goal and field size are correct for that particular age group.

  4. Collect your game fee.

  5. Collect Approved Game Day Rosters from Both teams. (see sample below)  

    1. CJSL uses GDR/with photo ID.  If a team shows you a roster with out Photo ID, they must then show you their player/coach cards.  NO Approved GDR/ID -- NO GAME

  6. Check in both teams by checking rosters, players and coaches/managers.  Make sure players jersey #s are listed.

  7. Only allow players and coaches/managers who are listed on the roster to be on the benches.  Make sure parents are on opposite side of field.

  8. At conclusion of match confirm final game score with both coaches.

  9. Submit Referee Report along with any supplemental report to league no later than 24 hours after completion of match.

CJSL Game Day Roster and Photo ID SAMPLE
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