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 Game Day Roster Help 


The CJSL Game Day Roster and Photo ID (GDR/ID)  is the roster and player cards combined.  Referees are instructed that this will serve as proof of players and coaches validation. 

GDR w/Photo ID must have "Approved" at the top.  Any team using a roster that is NOT Approved will result in a forfeit and subject to pay Forfeit Fees and Referee Fees.  

  • GDR/with Photo ID must be a Hard Copy and "Approved" and can be in color or b&w copies.  NO ELECTRONIC Version will be permitted.

  • GDR/ID does not have to be date stamped for the week of play.  Can be date stamped from any point of the season.

  • GDR/ID must have all relevant information filled out.  (Game details, dates, age group, Player #'s, Coach Signature)   

For every game teams must have 3 copies of thier GDR/ID.

  • One Copy for the Referee

  • One Copy to exchange with the Opposing Team

  • One Copy to Keep


NO- Passes- NO physical GDR/ID - NO GAME.              






Please note that CJSL Guest Clubs who are members of (Big Apple, Metro Kids, Other) must have player cards present for games for their players as well as coaches.  In addition they must have 3 copies of the GDR/ID from our CJSL SIPlay site they used to register their teams on. (see video link below)


Guest Clubs For every game you must have 3 copies of your GDR/ID. plus your passes from your Home League.

  • One Copy for the Referee

  • One Copy for the Opposing Team

  • One Copy to Keep

NO- Passes- NO physical GDR/ID - NO GAME.           




Intra Club Guest Player RULE- (if you need to borrow players for a game on game day)

  • Must be from the same Club.

  • Must be of correct age or younger (2 yrs younger max)  (Ex- U9 player can only play up to U11.  He or She, can not play up to U13 or older team)

If you have to use a intra club guest player you must pencil them into your teams GDR/ID and then you must get the GDR/ID from his or her coach from the previous game to show proof to the referee that the players are from the correct club and are of correct age.

  • Additional Restrictions-

    • Player who is on higher level team cannot play down (A player cannot play on B or C level teams) (B payer can not play down to C level team)

    • Player who is on lower level team can only play up in level of play.  (B can play A) (C can play B or A)

    • Players cannot play across division (Ex. B East Player cannot play in B West game)







Video Links Help

How to Print GDR/ID for MEMBER CLUBS and How to Print out Player Cards for Tournaments or Cup Games


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