Intra Club Guest Player Rules 

Intra Club Guest Player Rules:


Coaches can pencil in on the GDR/with PHOTO ID any players they wish to add, but MUST have proof that those players are registered.


Accepted Proof are:

  1. Physical Player Cards and/or a Physical GAME DAY ROSTER with PHOTO ID from the player's team that they are coming from.

  2. Players Must be from the same Club.

  3. Must be of correct age or younger (2 yrs younger max)  (Ex- U9 player can only play up to U11. He or She, can not play up to U13 or older team)

  4. Player cannot play down from a Higher Level team from the same age group..
                   "A" player can not go down to "B" or "C"
                   "B" player can not go down to "C", but can go up to A
                   "C" player can play "B" or "A"

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