Intra Club Guest/Dual Registraton Player Rules 

Intra Club Guest Player Rules:


CJSL League Games

Intra- Club Guest Player RULE:

Coaches can add Club/Guest Player to the MDGR/ID or can pencil in on the Match Day Game Roster/ID any players they wish to add, but MUST have proof that those players are registered.


Accepted Proof :

  • Physical Player Cards w.PHOTO from the player's team that they are coming from.  Cards must be printed/laminated and must be present at the game.   When adding the player to the game day roster, you must include player name, date of birth, and player ID#.

  • Players Must be from the Same Club.

  • Must be of correct age or younger (2 yrs younger max)  (Ex- U9 player can only play up to U11. He or She, can not play up to U13 or older team)

  • A Player cannot play down from a Higher Level team from the same age group..

               "D1-A" player can not go down to "D2-B" or "D3-C"
               "D2-B" player can not go down to "D3-C", but can go up to "D1-A"
               "D3-C" player can play "D2-B" or "D1-A"

  • Players from the same club, playing on 2 different teams in the same division and same level cannot guest play for that second team.

  • Example.- Player A, played for Team A in U12 D2 Messi cannot Guest play for Team B, playing in U12 D2 Ronaldo.  


Dual Player Registration Clarification as it pertains to CJSL

  • With many new clubs joining CJSL and existing clubs adding more teams, we want to make sure all our clubs understand the dual registration rule as it applies to CJSL.

  • Players in CJSL CANNOT be dual registered on another CJSL club that is playing league games in CJSL. They can only be registered with one (1) CJSL Club.

  • Players in CJSL CAN be dual registered on another CJSL team if that team is playing in a higher level league. 

  • (Ex. Team A (member of CJSL) is playing CJSL, and Team B (member of CJSL) is playing EDP, that player can then be dual registered and play for both teams.  However that player, for State Cup, must select one team to play for, he or she cannot play on both teams for State Cup Games).

Remember 2 game day match cards must be printed out for your games.  One must be given to the referee and the other to the coach from the other team.  I attached to this email what a match day card looks like.

Please watch this Video:

In addition to the video here are the help links from the gotsport support desk that has the same information I went over in the video.


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(guest player rules must be followed, players can play up in age, but not down in age, more info here-


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