CJSL Launches Program to Fight Against Racism in Youth Soccer

On March 15, 2019, Andrew So, Executive Director and Co-Founder of South Bronx United, wrote an article entitled,"Racism on Your Local Youth Soccer Pitch" in which he sheds light on the racist comments and actions in youth soccer and their negative impact this has on our players.

Since 1933, the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League has been the most consistently competitive and culturally diverse league in New York City. The league considers itself a home for players of all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, languages and gender identities. The article Andrew wrote resonated with our organization and we are prepared to take action.

The CJSL invites all New York City youth soccer teams to join us on Saturday, April 13th and Sunday, April 14th to STAND AGAINST RACISM IN YOUTH SOCCER.

To participate in this anti-racism program, the CJSL asks that for all games, in all age groups:

  1. Both teams including coaches and referee walk together, hand-in-hand in one line across to the center circle

  2. Parents and fans clap and cheer from the sidelines

  3. Everyone share pictures and videos of the moment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the hashtag #STANDAGAINSTRACISM 

The CJSL teams with the most social posts will win tickets to an upcoming NYCFC match in New York City.

In addition, the CJSL has updated its GAME ISSUE INCIDENT REPORT to allow for the reporting of any racist and/or discriminatory behavior by parents, coaches, referees or players during a CJSL match.

The CJSL plans on making this an annual event to ensure that our young athletes feel welcome and included when they step on the soccer field.


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