Referee Procedure to Follow:

  1. Confirm Game with Home Coach no later than 1 day prior to match.

  2. Arrive to game site promptly and in full uniform.

  3. Check in with Home/Away Coach and or Manager.  Go over details of game (duration, ball size, special rules pertaining to small side play)

  4. Collect CJSL Game Day Roster with Photo Id from both teams.  NO GDR/ID- NO PLAY

    • (see below procedure for guest clubs playing in CJSL )

    • GDR/with Photo ID must be "Approved"  and can be in color or b&w copies.

    • GDR/ID does not have to be date stamped for the week of play.  Can be date stamped from any point of the season.   However, If referee suspects any falsifications to the GDR please note it in your Game Report and Supplemental Report and the league will handle it.

  5. GDR/ID must have all relevant information filled out.  (Game details, dates, age group, Player #'s, Coach Signature) See Sample Below.

  6. Check in Teams- Check Equipment

  7. At conclusion of game- verify score with both coaches

  8. Collect Game Fee (see below for fees)

  9. Submit Game Report to CJSL and any supplemental reports no later than 24 hours after game.  Please make sure you properly report all cards with full player names, team names, player jersey #s, along with details on incident.

  10. For Guest Clubs- If any player is issued a RED Card, please collect Card and mail to CJSL Office.

CJSL Office- 2nd Floor

850 62nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Attention: Burt Wilkes

Game Day Info. for Referees to Follow: 


All games within this league shall be conducted under the rules of FIFA laws of the game as recognized by the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association and USYSA as well as all USYSA Small Sided Game Rules.

Playing field:

  A. Size: Limitations as to the size of the field, height of corner flags, goal measurements, and the required markings of the field are in accordance with the FIFA rules of the game. (For Small Sided Games specification we follow USYSA Recommended Guidelines)  See HERE for CJSL Age Group Guidelines

  B. Markings: The home club shall be responsible for visible, correct, and complete markings of the playing field.

  C. Maintenance of order: The playing field is to be protected against encroachment by the public. The home club is responsible for any disorders that may arise from insufficient protection and supervision.  Both teams should be on same side of field but opposite the fans.

Player Uniforms: 

Teams shall appear in uniform attire at all games. Players who do not follow this provision may be ordered off the field by the referee. He/She must order such player off the field if, in his opinion, the dress of the player may lead to errors in judgement. Where the colors of the two (2) competing clubs are the same, the home team must change or provide satisfactory identification marks. The home club shall not be penalized for loss of time when the colors conflict.


Intentional heading for 11 and under players.  CJSL will follow the USSF referee rules that are below.  

  • Players in Under-11 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games. Referees have been instructed by US Soccer of the following rule addition in the Under-11 age group and younger:

  • When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.


Duration of games:
Games cannot be shortened more than ten (10) minutes under any circumstances. At all times they must  have two (2) equal halves.

Waiting period: 

There will be no waiting time for games under the jurisdiction of this league.  However in the spirit of sportsmanship  if both coaches and Referee agree they can allow up to 30 mins but no more for waiting time.


The referee shall have the right to shorten the intermission period between the halves, which should not exceed five (5) minutes, if the start of the game has been delayed or other reasons make it advisable. However, he/she must grant an intermission of at least five (5) minutes, if either of the competing teams requests it.

Minimum # of players, ball size, fees, etc... 

See table below

Game Day Rosters for CJSL Clubs and Guest Clubs: 

For CJSL Home Clubs:

The CJSL Game Day Roster and Photo ID (GDR/ID)  is the roster and player cards combined.  Referees are instructed that this will serve as proof of players and coaches validation. 

For every game teams must have 3 copies of thier GDR/ID.

  • One Copy for the Referee

  • One Copy for the Opposing Team

  • One Copy to Keep

              NO physical GDR/with photo ID - NO GAME.


For CJSL Guest Clubs (Barboncito FC, Club Madrid, Griffin United, Islas Malvinas, NY Kids SC, Juventus):

Please note that CJSL Guest Clubs who are members of (Big Apple, Metro Kids, Other) must have player cards present for games for their players as well as coaches from their home league along with their Home Rosters that have the official CJSL Stamp of Approval on it.

  • They must have 3 copies of the GDR  from their HOME League with official Stamped CJSL Approval on the roster and player cards.

    • One Copy for the Referee

    • One Copy for the Opposing Team

    • One Copy to Keep



NO ROSTER with CJSL Approval Stamp - NO CARDS- NO GAME

Sample Game Day Roster for CJSL HOME CLUBS

CJSL Game Day Roster and Photo ID SAMPLE

Game Day Quick Reference Help