GotSport - CJSL Information

All player carding for CJSL, EDP, NYCS-EDP, North East Academy League, is now through CJSL using the GotSport platform.



               Deadline to submit any players/teams for verification and approvals in the CJSL/GotSport system is no later than 12:00pm on Thursdays.* Any submissions after the deadline will not be approved until Monday the following week, when the office reopens. 

CJSL Office Hours, by phone/email are:

  • Monday/Tuesday: 10am-3pm

  • Wednesday: 10am-8pm

  • Thursday: 10am-3pm

  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Closed

  1. Player photos must be HEAD SHOTS

  2. Players must have birth certificates and pictures uploaded

    • Player documents MUST be verified on the club level in order to add player to a roster (reference below link under HELP)

  3. Minimum roster requirements

    • U13 and older: 7 players

    • U11: 6 players

    • U9-U10: 5 players

  4. Minimum of one coach or manager who has fulfilled all 3 risk management components

  5. Coaches/Managers need to be affiliated with USYS and their date of birth entered

  6. Team Level must be TRAVEL and affiliation USYS. 

  7. When building out your rosters, in "Roster Builder" make sure your team rosters are rostered under the correct carding event for (CJSL, NYCSL, EDP, or Elite)  Cannot just be a general roster.

U18-19 Teams: If there are any players on the team that are under 18, all the players that are 18 or older have to comply with US Soccer Policy 212-3.

  • State Associations must conduct background screenings as well as SafeSport training for players 18 years and older, as per US Soccer Policy 212-3, ONLY when there is a younger player on the team. Requirements need to be met within 45 days of the players 18th birthday. Please refer to US Soccer, Policy 212-3—US Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy – Standards for Organization Members (pages. 20-21) 2020-21 Policy Manual (.pdf)


Note: *”Heads Up” is a Concussion training component implemented by ENYYSA that is ONLY required for Coaches.

                     Player Carding Fees are $26 per player and are posted on your GotSport club account page.   How to pay your player carding fees, please see below "How to Pay Club Invoice" in Help Section.

Coach Risk Management (Background Check) is $15 and will be invoiced by ENYYSA at time of Registration on your Got Sport Account


Team Help:

Player Help:

Coach/Manager Help:

Game Day Match Card Help:


How to set a Game Day Match Card as a CLUB ADMIN


How to set a Game Day Match Card as Coach or Manager



How to add a Club Pass or Guest Player to my Game Day Match Card



How to Print a Game Day Match Card


Billing Help:

Game Scheduling Help:​​

How to Create aTournament Roster:

Go to your GotSport Account, Create the Team and name it, playing for the Tournament> Register that team for "Tournament Rosters" under Events and then build the team through "Roster Builder" under that event labeled "Tournament Roster", process is the same as when you built your rosters for normal league play. Once your tournament roster is built, complete the  Notification Form for Roster Approval.

Other Got Sport Video Help: