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 Game Day Info / Referee Fees

General Rules: 

All games within this league shall be conducted under the rules of FIFA laws of the game as recognized by the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association and USYSA.

Game Issue Report: (click Here)

Form to be filled out for Referee Issue, Field Issue, Team Issues (No Shows).  No Emails or Text will be accepted.


Score Reporting:

Winning Team is responsible to report all scores immediately following the conclusion of the match. 

In case of a Tie , both teams will enter the score.

Deadline to input scores is 6 pm on the Monday after the weekend.  Any scores not entered by the deadline will be subject to a Late Score Fee of $25, a forfeit and all fines associated with a forfeit.

  1. CLICK HERE or Copy and paste.

  2. Enter our Pin #2023

  3. Enter the Game #

  4. Enter the Score and Click Save

 2022-2023 Referee Fees ​​

  • U7 and U8 - Included in Team Fee

  • U9 and U10 - $47/CR

  • U11 and U12- $50/CR

  • U13 and U14 - $60/CR, $32 x 2 for AR's

  • U15 and U16 - $75/CR, $39 x 2 for AR's

  • U17, U18, U19 - $85/CR, $44 x 2 for AR's


  • CJSL Uses 1 person Ref system for U8-U13

  • CJSL Uses 1 person Ref system for U14 (D2, D3)

  • CJSL Uses 3 person Ref system for U14 (D1)

  • CJSL Uses 3 person Ref system for U15-U19 (D1, D2, D3)


  • U9-U13 Games - HOME Team Pays Referee Fees

  • U14-D2 and D3 - Teams Split Fees

  • U14-D1 - Teams Split Fees

  • U15- U19 - Teams Split Fees

  • Girls City Soccer Teams Split Fees


Playing field:

  A. Size: Limitations as to the size of the field, height of corner flags, goal measurements, and the required markings of the field are in accordance with the FIFA rules of the game. (For Small Sided Games specification we follow USYSA Small Sided Games Guidelines)

  B. Markings: The home club shall be responsible for visible, correct, and complete markings of the playing field. As well as use of correct Goal Size required for that particular age group as required.

  C. Maintenance of order: The playing field is to be protected against encroachment by the public. The home club is responsible for any disorders that may arise from insufficient protection and supervision.  Both clubs are responsible for the actions of their parents.   Failure to control parents that result in any altercation, (verbal or physical), before, during, or after a match, will result in potential penalties (forfeits, fines, or both). 

Non-appearance of Referee: 

For U7-U14, If an assigned referee fails to appear, the managers/coaches of the competing teams MUST agree upon another referee for the game to be played, if necessary, by toss of a coin, who need not be officially registered as a referee (can be another coach or parent).  


That person who is agreed upon must referee the whole game.  Splitting of halves between the two teams is not recommended. 


A game played under these conditions shall be considered as properly played.  No scheduled game can be delegated to a friendly game.  At the end of the game, the winning team must report the score or if tied, both teams must report the score as they normally would.


If both teams do not agree to select a person to officiate the game, BOTH teams shall be fined $50.00 and the game shall be rescheduled, unless it can be proven that one team did not agree to play. 

For U15-19, Games are played with 1, 2 or a 3 person crew.  If NO referee shows up, game is to be rescheduled.  Follow Game Change Policy. (NO Fee will be charged for a game that is rescheduled due to no show of a referee.)


Teams shall appear in uniform attire at all games. Players who do not follow this provision may be ordered off the field by the referee. He/She must order such player off the field if, in his opinion, the dress of the player may lead to errors in judgement. Where the colors of the two (2) competing clubs are the same, the home team must change or provide satisfactory identification marks. The home club shall not be penalized for loss of time when the colors conflict.


Intentional heading for 11 and under players.  CJSL will follow the USSF referee rules that are below.  

  • Players in Under-11 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games. Referees have been instructed by US Soccer of the following rule addition in the Under-11 age group and younger:

  • When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.

Substitution Rules for Players Suspected of having a concussion in a League Match:

If a player is suspected of having a concussion, by the referees, team officials, or league officials, the player will be withdrawn from the game immediately.


A notation will be made on the game day roster, and the referee will include this in their referee report to be submitted to the League office.  CJSL will suspend the player till the club fills out the concussion form and player is medically cleared.


Club/Team official will be required to complete the notification of possible concussion form, immediately after the game. 

Clubs will be required to submit to CJSL, via email (mail to:, proper medical clearance.  Once the league receives the medical clearance from a Health Care Professional (MD, DO, or athletic trainer who is certified in concussions) the player will be activated and removed off the suspended list and he or she will be cleared to resume play.

Duration of games:
Games cannot be shortened more than ten (10) minutes under any circumstances. At all times they must  have two (2) equal halves.


Waiting period: 

There will be no waiting time for games under the jurisdiction of this league.



The referee shall have the right to shorten the intermission period between the halves, which should not exceed five (5) minutes, if the start of the game has been delayed or other reasons make it advisable. However, he/she must grant an intermission of at least five (5) minutes, if either of the competing teams requests it

Minimum # of players needed for games: 

7v7 Games - 5 players

9v9 Games-  6 players

11v11 Games- 7 players

Line-up forms: 

Completed (full first and last names, jersey, and pass numbers) official, and league line-up forms with photo ID must be submitted to the referee and opposing coach prior to the start of the game. (see below for more info)

Procedure in case of inclement Weather Conditions :

Weather conditions are the responsibility of the game officials, coaches, and club administrators. All should be aware of the potential dangers posed by different weather conditions and work together to keep the players and other participants as safe as possible.


Conditions in one location may be very different from another, especially the further apart the two locations are. The coaches are responsible for keeping informed of the weather conditions at home and at the game site.


The Coach or a Club member is responsible for communications with the opposing coach and CJSL Games Chairman by telephone, text or email, at least 2 hours before game time, (as referees must be given ample notification), in order to ascertain whether the scheduled game can be played or is cancelled before starting the trip to the opponent's field.  Any  cancellations under 2 hours will result in the Home Club being responsible for any game related referee fees.

Please NOTE:

If no contact takes place between the games chairman and club, then games will be presumed to be ON as scheduled.


However the Games Chairman may cancel games in the case of inclement weather conditions and Unplayable Field due to Weather conditions.

Inclement weather may include:

  • heavy rain

  • snow

  • extreme winds

  • sleet, icing

  • extreme cold temperatures (in the case of U8-U12), and other conditions deemed unsafe by the Games Chairman.


Unplayable Field due to Weather:

The home club shall report to the Games Chairman on any days when the play-ability of the field may be in question. If the Home team deems the field is unplayable he or she must notify the games chairman and his opponents no later than 2 hours prior to game time.  Any notification under 2 hours will result in the Home Club being responsible for any game related referee fees.


However please note that the game official (referee) shall have the authority to call off the game if the weather or field conditions appear to make the playing of the match impossible or unsafe.

Hot Weather:

Heat is a problem when it prevents the body from cooling itself. The hotter the body gets, the more likely it is to increase fatigue levels, develop cramps and increase the possibility of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The hotter and more humid the weather, the faster these problems can develop. Temperatures as low as 65 degrees, with a relative humidity of 100%, can be serious.

  • a. Mandatory water breaks

  • b. Shorten the games if needed

Coaches and Referees are encouraged to monitor the conditions.


All protests, which arise from an infringement of the laws of the game, are subject to a protest fee. The original protest should be emailed to  the arbiter in a word document, with club letter head, within three (3) days of the game, plus the fee of fifty dollars ($50.00), should be mailed or dropped of to the CJSL Office. Email should be cc’ed to all parties involved, included the League President and Secretary. Grounds for protest that arise before the start of a game shall  immediately be submitted in writing to the referee and the opposing team before the commencement of the game. It must then be followed up as stated above.

Failure to Appear for a Scheduled Game: 

A team failing to appear for a regularly scheduled league game shall be fined the sum of one hundred ($100.00) dollars plus referee costs. This fine will be increased by fifty ($50.00) dollars for each subsequent forfeit by the club.
      a) A club must consider the league as its primary league. Any club or team granted permission to participate in another competition must fulfill its league schedule, responsibilities, and obligations two (2) weeks prior to or including that weekend. Any changes must first have the permission of the games chairman. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit and fine.


Breaking off of Game: 

Games shall under no circumstances be broken-off by one of the participating teams. If a team breaks off a game without permission of the referee, the guilty party shall be penalized with loss of points. The breaking off of a game may also be penalized by fines or suspension.

Forfeited Games and Loss of Points: 

If a league game is forfeited to an opponent without play, or if the arbiter orders a forfeit against the offending club, the opponent will be credited with a two to zero (2 to 0) win and will be fined $100.

Failure to Control Parents and or Sidelines:

League will not tolerate any kind of verbal or physical abuse directed at any game official in our league.  Failure to control 

parents as reported by our game officials will result in loss of points and or fines imposed.   In addition any incidents that is reported by the game officials, that claim parent or public infringement on the field resulting in the possible fear of safety for all participants involved or prohibit the game from being played safely, will result in loss of points and or fines.  It is the responsibility of the HOME team to control their home field surroundings and parents.

See ENY- Zero Tolerance Policy- HERE

Match Day Game Rosters/Cards with Phot ID for CJSL Clubs: 


  • MDGR/with Photo ID must be a Hard Copy  and can be in color or b&w copies.  NO ELECTRONIC Version will be permitted.

  • MDGR/ with Photo ID must have all relevant information on it.  (Game details, dates, age group, Player #'s, Coach Signature)   

For every game teams must have 2-copies of the  MDGR/ with Photo ID.

  • One Copy for the Referee

  • One Copy to exchange with the Opposing Team

              NO Approved Physical Match Day GDR/with photo ID - NO GAME.



Approved Game Day Rosters:











Illegal Rosters:





















Approved Coaches Pass:

















Intra Club Guest Player RULE:

Coaches can add Club/Guest Player to the MDGR/ID any players they wish to add, but MUST have proof that those players are registered.


Accepted Proof are Physical Player Cards or the Physical GAME DAY ROSTER with PHOTO ID from the player's team that they are coming from.

  • Must be from the same Club.

  • Must be of correct age or younger (2 yrs younger max)  (Ex- U9 player can only play up to U11. He or She, can not play up to U13 or older team)




Helpful Links:


Video HELP



How to set a Match Day Roster as a CLUB ADMIN


How to set a Match Day Roster as Coach or Manager

How to add a Club Pass or Guest Player to my Match Day/Game Roster


How to Print a Match Day Card



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