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Hall of Fame

As you will see below , our inductees are a very deserving group. Our criteria are simple: every nominee must have made lasting and significant contributions to the development of youth soccer in the Metropolitan area. They must have provided exceptional service in the promotion of youth soccer with a member club or as an executive board member. They must personally exemplify the best traditions of good sportsmanship.

CJSL Hall of Fame Inductees 

Emil Cohill (First Member)

Bernd Boehm
Dr. Gabriel Nigrin
Manfred Schellscheidt
Michael Windischmann

Hans Bayen
Erich “Pop” Werner
George Donnelly
Herbert Heilpern
Edward Falbo

Claudio Reyna
Lenny Roitman
John Wolyniec
Dieter Ficken
Franco Legovic

Carlo Bucic
Claudio Bulian
Miguel Brunengo
Joey Fink
Jimmy Svendsen
mes Vogt
Michael Leandrou
Burt Wilkes 


Paul Gardner

George Gjokaj
Dusanka Maurisic

Frank McCarthy

Ivo Mohorovic

Sig Samuelsen

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