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League Bylaws

CJSL Rules and ByLaws


 1. Name: This league shall bear the name of "Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League."

 2. Headquarters: The headquarters of this league are in the City of New York in the State of New York.

 3. Purpose: The object and purpose of the league shall be the fostering and conduct of the game of youth soccer for the physical and moral benefit of the players together with the protection of the interests of its member clubs.

 4. Membership: (AMEDED At CJSL AGM 6-2014) The League is allowed to affiliate with more than one association in order to provide the best option and competition for its member clubs. Each affiliation will recognize the authority of the parent organization. Additional affiliations need only be approved by a simple majority vote.

 5. Official Notifications: The secretary shall mail all official notifications to member clubs. All official notices shall be binding to all clubs without any further written communication. Notices and information may also be obtained on the official league web site. Each club is required to provide an email address and/or fax number to receive all league notifications.



 1. Conduct of Affairs: The Executive Board shall supervise the conduct of all activities of this league.

 2. Executive Board:
  A. MEMBERS: The Executive Board shall be elected at the anual general meeting and shall be composed of the following members:
                           First Vice President
                           Second Vice President
                           Third Vice President
                           Fourth Vice President
                           Recording Secretary
                           Trustees (four members)
                           Life Members

     a) The Executive Board, by a 2/3-majority vote, has the right to suspend any member of the board whose actions are detrimental to the best interest of the league. A suspended member may demand a hearing of his case before a special meeting of the league's Executive Board within four weeks from the date his suspension becomes effective.
     b) The Executive Board decides on interpretations of the rules and regulations. It has the power to make decisions on matters that are not covered by these rules. The executive board shall be empowered to incur liabilities on behalf of the league, provided that all such commitments as exceed $1,000 are ratified at the next properly scheduled meeting of the delegates.

     a) The President shall act as chairman at all meetings. He will supervise all activities of the league and the work of the officers. He has the power to take necessary steps when the interest of the league appears endangered. He is the  general representative of the league in all legal and other matters. He may call meetings at his discretion and shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie vote. He shall be ex-officio member of all committees.
          The President shall appoint an Arbiter, a Registrar, a Games Chairman, a Select Coordinator, a Chairman of Social Affairs, all delegates and alternate delegates to associations, an appeals committee consisting of a chairman and not more than six members, and any other committees deemed necessary. The Executive Board of the league must  approve all these appointments. These positions are required to report to the President and Executive Board but have no voting power.
     b) The First Vice President shall have the power and perform the duties of the President during the latter's absence.
     c) The Second, Third and Fourth Vice Presidents shall assume such duties as delegated to him/her by the President.
     d) The Secretary shall collect and disseminate information bearing on the activities and interests of the league, attend to all general correspondence, and carry into effect current resolutions taken at meetings.
     e) The Treasurer shall be in charge of all finances of the league. He shall collect and receive all the monies due and belonging to the league and deposit such funds, as the executive board shall direct. He shall pay all due bills, keep regular and correct accounts, and submit reports to the Executive Board whenever called for. He shall submit an annual financial report to the annual delegate meeting showing the financial condition of the league. Said reports shall be shall be examined and approved by the trustees. He shall furnish the Executive Board periodically with a list of member clubs who are in financial default.
     f) The Recording Secretary shall keep a true record of all events of all meetings. These minutes shall be presented for approval at the next meeting and, if accepted as read or as corrected, shall be signed by the presiding officer.
     g) The Trustees shall examine the records of the Treasurer and render a report of their findings to the annual delegate  meeting. The Trustees shall be available for all duties that are assigned to them by the President of the league.

3. Premature withdrawal from the executive board: Should a member of the Executive Board resign before the end of his term, the Executive Board has the power to fill the vacancy thus caused until the next annual delegate meeting of the league. Any member of the Executive Board who has been absent from three consecutive board meetings without being excused shall be deprived of his office. The Executive Board has the power to fill the vacancy thus caused until the next annual delegate meeting of the league.

4. Meetings of the Executive Board: The meetings of the Executive Board must have a quorum. At least one-half (1/2) of the board members must be present to constitute a quorum. All decisions are decided by a majority vote. The presiding chairman shall not vote, except in the case of a tie vote by the members present, when he shall cast the deciding vote. No officer shall have the right to represent his own club or vote in cases where his own club is involved.

5. The Emergency Committee: The President, First Vice President, and the Secretary shall constitute the emergency committee to represent the league on matters demanding immediate attention, when it is impractical or impossible to call in a delegate or Executive Board meeting.

6. Fiscal year: The fiscal year of the league ends on May 31st and begins on June 1st. It will be presented at the annual convention held in June of each year.

7. Annual delegate meeting:
  A. GENERAL RULES: The annual general meeting, as well as other delegate meetings, are public. However, the Executive Board shall have the right, at all times, to exclude the public.

   B. INVITATIONS: The Secretary shall mail invitations to meetings to all member clubs and Executive Board members at least 14 days before the meeting.

        Roll call
        Reading and approval of the minutes
        State delegate's report
        Committee reports
        Financial report
        Trustees report
        Unfinished business
        Presentation of awards
        Naming of an election chairman
        Discharge of executive board
        Election of officers
        New business
        Good and welfare

   D. PARLIAMENTARY RULES: The presiding officer shall have all powers to maintain parliamentary procedure. He shall also expel from the meeting delegates who have three times disobeyed a call to order. He shall have the right to interrupt the meeting or adjourn it before finishing the order of business. Grave disorders committed at a meeting may be penalized with immediate expulsion. Robert's Rules of Order will apply.

   E. VOTING POWER: The governing Executive Board members shall be entitled to one vote each, except at election of officers. The voting powers of the member clubs are determined on the basis of each registered team in the current season, with each club having one vote for each registered team. No club shall be entitled to vote if its financial obligations towards the league have not been met. Life members shall have one vote each

  F. CLUB DELEGATES: Each club shall be entitled to one (1) delegate in chief, who shall present to the Secretary a written authority from his club.

   G. ALTERNATE DELEGATE: Each club shall be entitled to two (2) alternate delegates who have no voting power unless the delegate in chief is absent.

   H. QUORUM: The annual meeting shall have a quorum if it has been called in accordance with these rules and provided that a majority of valid votes are represented. Failing this, a new meeting shall be called within one month, which shall possess a quorum regardless of the number of clubs present.

   I. RULE CHANGES: Amendments to these rules and regulations shall be made only at the annual delegate meeting of this league or at an extraordinary delegate meeting called for this purpose. Such motions for amendments shall be presented in writing to the Secretary at least four weeks before the meeting. Motions may be debated upon only after  another club delegate has seconded them. When a motion to close a debate has been carried, only the maker of the motion and one opposing speaker shall be allowed to speak. A delegate who has not previously spoken can only make such a motion on the subject. No one shall be allowed to speak on a motion after it has been disposed of. A written petition must carry a majority of signatures to be able to re-open disposed motions within 14 days.

   J. EMERGENCY MOTIONS: Emergency motions may be made at any time. Such motions shall be debated if they arise from a previous decision of the meeting, providing the presiding officer approved of the emergency.

   K. VOTES: All motions, except changes or additions to these rules, shall require a simple majority for acceptance. Motions  to change or add to these rules shall require a two-thirds majority of all votes cast. Votes shall be counted by a show of hand or, if demanded, by roll call. A motion for a secret ballot requires the consent of at least one-third (1/3) of all votes represented at the meeting.

   L. ELECTIONS: The Executive Board shall be elected at the annual delegate meeting for a term of two (2), years.
       Re-election is permissible. Candidates for the executive board shall be elected only if they are personally present at the time of their first election. All elections shall be by secret ballot. A simple majority of votes is necessary for election.

8. Extraordinary general meetings: Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board in urgent cases, upon written request of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the member clubs. The executive board must call a special meeting within fourteen (14) days.

9. Regular meetings: Regular delegate meetings of this league will be held on a Thursday in any given month, and no more than 6 such meetings per year will be required.


10. Membership:
   A. Clubs must make application for membership, which may be accepted or denied by any delegate meeting. The initiation fee shall be $100.00 per team. The executive board has the power to accept temporary applications for membership received after the annual general meeting, subject to a final decision at the next meeting of the delegates.  They can become permanent members at the next general meeting.

    B. Each new member of the league shall deposit a guarantee of $1000 Bond with the league at the time of admission, which shall serve as security for the fulfillment of all obligations, financial or otherwise, towards the league.  Bonds will be returned after 2 years and request must be made in writing with the league secretary.

    C. Clubs formerly members of other leagues, must produce a release from their former affiliation.

    D. ASSIGNMENTS: The Executive Board shall make assignments of teams into divisions.

    E. MERGERS: In the case of a merger between two or more affiliated clubs, the newly formed club shall be responsible  for all obligations owed by the defunct clubs.

    F. WITHDRAWAL: Applications for withdrawal shall be presented in writing. Such applications shall be accepted, provided  the club has fulfilled all its obligations towards the league. With the acceptance, the club forfeits all future rights to the property of the league. No club can withdraw from this league after having attended the annual meeting and participated in the election or a club, having attended and participated in the annual meeting and election, will not be released until the next annual meeting or a special meeting called for this purpose.

    G. EXPULSION: Individuals who attempt to circumvent a decision rendered by the league or who seriously damage the interest of this league may be expelled at the annual meeting or at a special meeting called for this purpose. A motion     for expulsion shall require the approval of at least two-thirds (2/3) of all the votes cast in order to become effective.



 1. General rules: Only youth teams may participate in games of this league, providing they are duly registered under the regulations stated in the following paragraphs.

 2. Players: The registration of all players is handled by the registrar under the jurisdiction of the E.N.Y.Y.S.A. Every player shall be registered on an official form of the U.S.Y.S.A

 3. Registrations:
  A. When a player registers for the first time hs/he must send with the registration form two (2) pictures of himself (passport size) and an authentic proof of birth date and he will be issued an identification pass with his signature, and date of birth. This pass is to be returned to the registrar with every re-registration of the player for as long as he plays in the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League. No player shall be permitted to be registered without following the above instructions. All passes must be laminated.
       a) All player passes must be handed to the referee before the start of each league game.
       b) If a pass is lost, the coach of the team must immediately apply through his club for the issuance of a new pass and must send two (2) pictures and proof of birth to the registrar of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League, plus $5.00.
       c) These identification passes are not transferable.
       d) Each registered player shall be insured under a group insurance policy issued to the league. Each club shall be insured under a group liability policy issued to the league.
       e) Any party found guilty of tampering with and/or consenting to alter an official player registration pass and/or official registration form shall be immediately suspended and fined and/or be subject to expulsion from the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League.

B. U-16 thru U-19 Juniors and Intermediate's – (AMEDED At CJSL AGM 6-2014)

  1. Teams participating in National Championship Series (NCS) MUST abide by ALL NCS Roster Rules.  It is the Clubs/Teams obligation to make sure they are in compliance with ALL NCS  Roster Rules and Regulations.

  2. Team roster may NOT exceed 26 players.

  3. Team can only dress 18 players for any given game

  4. A Fee of $20.00 per player will be charged for players 19 and above.

U-12 Full-Sided (11 vs. 11) thru U-15 – (AMEDED At CJSL AGM 6-2014)

  1. Teams participating in National Championship Series (NCS) MUST abide by ALL NCS Roster Rules.  It is the Clubs/Teams obligation to make sure they are in compliance with ALL NCS  Roster Rules and Regulations.

  2. Team roster may NOT exceed 26 players.

  3. Team can only dress 18 players for any given game

  4. A Fee of $20.00 per player will be charged for players 19 and above.

U-8 thru U-12 Small-Sided (8 vs. 8) – (AMEDED At CJSL AGM 6-2014)

  1. Teams participating in National Championship Series (NCS) MUST abide by ALL NCS Roster Rules.  It is the Clubs/Teams obligation to make sure they are in compliance with ALL NCS  Roster Rules and Regulations.

  2. Team roster may NOT exceed 26 players.

  3. Team can only dress 14 players for any given game

  4. A Fee of $20.00 per player will be charged for players 15 and above.

 4. Age limit:
  A. Taking August 1st as the beginning of a new season, the six age groups are divided as follows:
       a) Junior is a player who has not reached his/her nineteenth (19th) birthday on that date.
       b) Intermediate is a player who has not reached his/her sixteenth (16th) birthday on that date.
       c) Youth is a player who has not reached his/her fourteenth (14th) birthday on that date.
       d) Boy is a player who has not reached his/her twelfth (12th) birthday on that date.
       e) Midget is a player who has not reached his/her tenth (10th) birthday on that date.
       f) Bantam is a player who has not reached his/her eighth (8th) birthday on that date.

5. Registration period:
  A. Registrations for the new season will be accepted after July 1st of each year. All registrations are subject to a minimum period as per rules of the various state associations.
       a) REGISTRATION PERIOD IN THE CASE OF CHANGE OF CLUBS: Players changing their clubs during the current season are subject to registration of fourteen (14) days. This period is calculated from the post-mark on the envelope containing the registration for the new club.
       b) REGISTRATION PERIOD IN CASE OF DISSOLUTION OF CLUBS: Players, who are forced to change their club within the league due to the club's dissolution, are free to register with any club.


6. Merging of clubs: In case of a merger between two or more teams with a resulting change of club name, all players whose former club name is eliminated shall file new registrations under the new name of the club. No registration period shall apply in such cases. Players who are not willing to join the new club may apply for their release to the Executive Board, providing that they have met all obligations owed to the former club.

7. Releases and Transfer of Players:
  A. Releases are not required in case of change of clubs if:
       a) A player has not been active for a period of one (1) year.
       b) If the player's club has been dissolved. A player may not be registered for the same club after March 15th.
  B. Releases are required in case of change of clubs if:
       a) A player changes his club within this league.
       b) Any player wishing to change clubs during the playing season, September 1st through August 31st, must obtain a release from the club in which he is registered. The registrar shall not register such a player without a release. If a hardship is created due to the above rule, the player should request a hearing before the Executive Board or a committee appointed by the President requesting a release and the reasons for said request.
  C. Any club that signs a player who played for another club within the Cosmopolitan League during the prior three seasons must follow this procedure:
       a) Register the player with a new pass for the new club.
       b) Send a certified letter; return receipt requested, to the former club, informing that club of the registration, with a copy to the League Secretary.
  D. A player wishing to change his club shall notify his club's secretary in writing of his intention, forwarding at the same time a copy of his request to the Secretary of the league. The club shall issue a proper release to the player as soon as his obligations are met and property belonging to the club has been returned. Should the club refuse to issue the release under these conditions, the Executive Committee shall upon respective application, give the player a hearing.  Clubs shall notify the Registrar immediately of the names of the released players. If the player leaves the jurisdiction of this league, it is the duty of his former club to advise the E.N.Y.Y.S.A., through the office of the Registrar of this league, of club property in possession of the player, applying at the same time for his suspension. In case of neglect the original club can then no longer make claim for this obligation.
  E. A club fielding more than one team in any league division cannot exchange players from one team to the other without proper release and registration.
  F. A team shall be limited to a total of FIVE (5) transferred-in players who are currently registered with another team per seasonal year.
  G. A youth player who has signed a Senior for and then is given a proper release is permitted to sign again a Junior form, provided he has not yet attained his eighteenth (18) birthday.


8. Final date for Player Registration:
  A. In case of change of clubs, the final date for player's registration to be submitted is May 1st. – (AMEDED At CJSL AGM 6-2014)
  B. Exceptions:
       a) If the player did not register for any club during the current season.
       b) If the player's club has been disbanded. A player may not be registered for the same club after March 15th.
       c) In the case of transfer orders within a club, the final date for accepting transfer orders is also March 15th


9. Eligibilities:
  A. Senior League. A youth player will be permitted to play an unlimited number of senior games without losing his/her eligibility. The youth player must obtain permission from his/her coach or other authorized team official. The youth coach or other authorized team official shall, in writing or by form, request eligibility clearance from the State Youth Association. The youth coach or other authorized team official must, in writing or by form, request permission from the State Senior Association. The State Senior Association has sole discretion in permitting a youth player to play senior games and will be responsible for establishing the procedure under which this will be implemented.
  B. Divisional: Players may play UP within the same divisional age grouping. A player playing on a "C" team may play for a "B" team and an "A" team; a player playing for a "B" team may play for an "A" team. The converse is prohibited. Moreover, there shall be no interchange of players by clubs/teams fielding two or more teams in the same division. A player has the right to play unlimited times on a higher-ranking team within the same club.



1. General rules: All games within this league shall be conducted under the rules recognized by the Eastern New York  Youth Soccer Association. Cup games under the jurisdiction of the U.S.Y.S., as well as representative games, shall take precedence over games of this league.

2. Opening of season:The Executive Board of this league shall fix the official opening day of the season.

3. Playing field:

  A. Size: Limitations as to the size of the field, height of corner flags, goal measurements, and the required markings of the field are in accordance with the FIFA rules of the game. (For Small Sided Games specification we follow USYSA Small Sided Games Guidelines)

  B. Markings: The home club shall be responsible for visible, correct, and complete markings of the playing field. As well as use of correct Goal Size required for that particular age group as required.

  C. Maintenance of order: The playing field is to be protected against encroachment by the public. The home club is responsible for any disorders that may arise from insufficient protection and supervision.  Both clubs are responsible for the actions of their parents.   Failure to control parents that result in any altercation, (verbal or physical), before, during, or after a match, will result in potential penalties (forfeits, fines, or both). 

4. Notification of games: The Game Chairman will provide the weekly schedule of games and kick-off time to all clubs. It will be posted on the official league web site and changes or updates will be sent by email or text.

5. Postponements: No scheduled game shall be postponed without the consent of the Games Chairman. All requests for changes must follow the game change request policy.

6. Duration of games:
  A. Games cannot be shortened more than ten (10) minutes under any circumstances. At all times they must  have two (2) equal halves.
         Juniors (U-17; U-18; U-19) 2 X 45 Min.
         Intermediates (U-15; U-16) 2 X 40 Min.
         Youth (U-13; U-14) 2 X 35 Min.
         Boys (U-11; U-12) 2 X 30 Min.
         Midget (U-9; U-10) 2 X 25 Min.
         Bantam (U-8) 2 X 25 Min.
  B. Intermission: The referee shall have the right to shorten the intermission period between the halves, which should not exceed five (5) minutes, if the start of the game has been delayed or other reasons make it advisable. However, he must grant an intermission of at least five (5) minutes, if either of the competing teams requests it.


7. Waiting period: There will be no waiting time for games under the jurisdiction of this league. The waiting period for cup games is comprised within the rules and regulations of the cup competition in question.

8. Minimum of players: A minimum of seven (7) players per team shall be necessary in all league games. A minimum of five (5) players (Small sided Games) per team shall be necessary in all league games.

9. Game Day Rosters with Photo ID: Completed (full first and last names, jersey, and pass numbers) official league line-up forms must be submitted to the referee and opposing coach prior to the start of the game.

10. Uniforms: Teams shall appear in uniform attire at all games. Players who do not follow this provision may be ordered off the field by the referee. He must order such player off the field if, in his opinion, the dress of the player may lead to errors in judgement. Where the colors of the two (2) competing clubs are the same, the home team must change or provide satisfactory identification marks. The home club shall not be penalized for loss of time when the colors conflict.

11. Procedure in case of inclement weather: In case of inclement weather, clubs and referee shall obtain information by telephone, at least 2 hours before game time, from the Games Chairman in order to ascertain whether the scheduled game can be played before starting the trip to the opponent's field. The home club shall report to the Games Chairman on such days concerning the play-ability of the field. The Games Chairman shall have the right to call off the game if the weather conditions appear to make the playing of the match impossible.  See FULL Weather Policy Here.

12. Non-appearance of Referee: If an assigned referee fails to appear, the managers of the competing teams MUST agree upon another referee for the game to be played, if necessary, by toss of a coin, who need not be officially registered as a referee. In such cases, the home club must furnish the Arbiter, within twenty-four (24) hours, a complete report of the player's list and score. A game played under these conditions shall be considered as properly played according to schedule. No scheduled game can be delegated to a friendly game. If both teams do not agree to select a person to officiate the game, BOTH teams shall be fined $50.00 and the game shall be rescheduled, unless it can be proven that one team did not agree to play. If Under-16 and Under-19 can't agree, both teams must reschedule the game on the earliest open date (weekend or weekday).


13. Failure to Appear for a Scheduled Game: 

A team failing to appear for a regularly scheduled league game shall be fined the sum of one hundred ($100.00) dollars plus referee costs. This fine will be increased by fifty ($50.00) dollars for each subsequent forfeit by the club.
      a) A club must consider the league as its primary league. Any club or team granted permission to participate in another competition must fulfill its league schedule, responsibilities, and obligations two (2) weeks prior to or including that weekend. Any changes must first have the permission of the games chairman. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit and fine.


14. Substitutes: In all games played in this league, substitutes will be allowed as follows:
   A. Substitutions can be made at any stoppage of play; irrespective of which team has possession of the ball.
   B. Substitutes must report to the referee before being allowed to participate.
   C. A player who has been substituted for can return to the same game.
   D. A player ordered from the field of play by the referee cannot be substituted for.


15. Reporting of Scores: All scores must be reported to the league, by winning team, if game is tied, by both teams using, got soccer platform or email, by Monday 6:00 pm following the weekend of the game. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $15.00 per occurrence.

16. STANDINGS- Determination of standings (U12-U19 only): (Amended AGM 6-23-22)

When there is a tie in the number of points for the first and second place in the standings, the tie breaker to determine the higher ranked team shall be:

  1. Most Wins

  2. Head to Head (with Aggregate)

  3. Goal Difference

  4. Least Goals Against

  5. Most Goals Scored

17. Withdrawal of team before the end of season: If a team does not complete its regular league championship schedule, the following rules shall take effect:
   A. If at least half of the full schedule of games has been played, all scores shall stand. The remaining unplayed games  shall be credited to the teams that have not yet played the defaulting team.
   B. If the defaulting team has played less than one-half (1/2) of the full schedule of games, the results of the games already played shall be cancelled.
   C. If a team forfeits three (3) successive scheduled games, it shall be considered to have withdrawn from league competition.
   D. The club will be fined a minimum of $250.00.


18. Representative games: The Executive Board shall have supervision over all representative games. The league shall give proper notice to all players selected for such games and are responsible for their appearance for such games. If a player cannot appear, a notice giving the reasons for his inability to appear must be given without delay. Any player selected for representative games may be suspended for at least two (2) weeks, if he fails to appear without a sound and valid excuse.

19. Cup games: No player shall play in more than one League Cup competition in the same season. Players from teams, which were eliminated from cup competition, cannot participate in higher or lower grade teams that are still eligible in League Cup competitions.

20. Friendly and tournament games: Friendly and sanctioned tournament games against clubs not affiliated with this league must first have the approval of the Games Chairman.

21. Referees: An officially registered referee shall officiate in all games of this league. Such referee must be in possession of their annual identification cards, issued by United States Youth Soccer. When the referee finds the playing field unplayable, he shall be entitled to the travelling expenses he incurs, this to be paid by the home team, provided the game has not been officially called-off. Each referee is required to report, on the official form issued by the state association, to the arbiter, not later than twenty-four (24) hours after the game, the complete goal scoring in the game, in addition to other competent and material matters (such as playing time, players ordered from the field of play for unbecoming conduct, accidents and player injuries which occurred during the time of his jurisdiction).

22. Assistant Referees: Each club shall furnish one assistant referee per game, provided no official assistant referee has been assigned or has appeared.



1. Protests: All protests, which arise from an infringement of the laws of the game, are subject to a protest fee.  Appeals should emailed to the arbiter, within three (3) days of the game, At that time CJSL will invoice the appealing club the fifty dollars ($50.00)  via paypal.


Appeal email should be sent to the arbiter, league president and office and  to the club or person involved in the protest.


Grounds for protest that arise before the start of a game shall immediately be submitted in writing to the referee and the opposing team before the commencement of the game. It must then be followed up as stated above.

2. Claims: All claims, which are made on the basis of an incorrect or missing registration of a player (questioning player eligibility), must be accompanied with a fee of $25.00 per player.

Such claims must be filed with the arbiter within 7 days of the game.

3. Damages: All requests for damages, such as arising from the non-appearance of a team, etc., are to be presented in writing to the arbiter. They do not require a fee.



1. Penal rights: The Executive Board and the arbiter shall have the power to assess penalties on clubs or individual club members. Penalties may consist of fines, warnings, loss of points, temporary or permanent exclusion from the activities of this league or the closing of a playing field.

2. Arbiter: The arbiter appointed by the President shall hear all protests and claims.
   A. Invitation to meeting: Invitations to appear before the arbiter shall be sent by the arbiter not later than five (5) days before the meeting, advising the club or referee of the case to be dealt with, as well as the day, place, and time of meeting. If an individual or individuals, having been invited to a meeting fails to appear, available evidence shall be heard and a verdict based on such evidence shall be rendered. Clubs, which disregard the invitation, shall be fined the sum of fifty ($50.00) dollars and no appeal shall be heard. Referees who disregard the invitation shall be reported to the Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association referees' committee.

   B. Faulty procedure in filing: Protests or claims not filed within the required time limit, or which are submitted without written details of the charges and reasons, or without remittance of the protest fee shall be rejected without a hearing.

   C. Publication of decisions: Decisions of the arbiter giving the full details shall be mailed within ten (10) days to all concerned parties.


3. Exclusion from game: Players who have been ordered off the field of play by the referee for serious infringement of the laws of the game, or for other reasons detrimental to the good and welfare of soccer, shall automatically stand  suspended until the next decision date by the arbiter. Such players shall not participate during this time in any games under the jurisdiction of this league, nor in any other game. When a player has been ordered from the field of play, the arbiter, pursuant to the referee's report will automatically institute action against him. Such player shall stand suspended, irrespective of whether his pass had been surrendered or not.

4. Penalties: A suspension imposed against a player or club official shall be applicable to his entire soccer activities. The penalties mentioned thereafter shall constitute the minimum penalty for the stated offenses.

    A. INELIGIBLE PLAYER: A club using an unregistered, suspended, or otherwise ineligible player in any league game, will be fined One Thousand dollars ($1000.00) for each occurrence, or player suspended, or both. If playing on a winning team, points will be taken away and awarded to the opponent. In case players of both teams are not registered, are suspended, or are otherwise ineligible, the clubs will be fined five hundred ($500.00) dollars each, or players  suspended, or both. Both clubs lose points. A club shall be fined one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for any subsequent occurrence.

   B. ROUGH PLAY: A player, who has been ordered from the field of play on account of rough play after receiving a warning, shall be suspended for a minimum of two (2) games.

   C. INSULT TO OPPOSING PLAYER: A player who has been ordered from the field of play for insulting an opponent will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) games.

   D. INSULT TO THE REFEREE: A player/coach/parent who has been ordered from the field of play for insulting the referee shall be suspended for a minimum of four (4) games in the first instance and for three (3) months on repetition of the offense.  Additionally, the club will be fined a minimum of $100.00 for each offense.



League will not tolerate any kind of verbal or physical abuse directed at any game official in our league.  Failure to control parents as reported by our game officials will result in loss of points and or fines (starting at $100 fine) imposed.   In addition any incidents that are reported by the game officials, that claim parent or public infringement on the field resulting in the possible fear of safety for all participants involved or prohibit the game from being played safely, will result in loss of points and a minimum $100 fine.  It is the responsibility of the HOME team to control their home field surroundings and parents.

  F. ASSAULT ON OPPONENT: A player who has been ordered from the field of play for assaulting an opponent shall be suspended for a minimum of four (4) games in the first offense and for a minimum of eight (8) games on repetition of the offense.

   G. ASSAULT ON REFEREE: A player/coach/parent who has been ordered from the field of play for assaulting the referee shall be suspended for two (2) years in the first offense. He shall be suspended for life on repetition of the offense. If the home club was negligent in furnishing the referee with proper and sufficient protection, it shall be fined five hundred($500.00) dollars. The home club shall be held responsible for any consequences of the assault.

   H. CAUTIONS: A player accumulating three (3) cautions (yellow cards) in a seasonal year shall be suspended for one (1)game.

   I. FAILURE TO APPEAR FOR SCHEDULED GAME: A team failing to appear for a regularly scheduled league game shall be fined the sum of one hundred ($100.00) dollars plus referee costs. This fine will be increased by fifty ($50.00) dollars for each subsequent forfeit by the club.
      a) A club must consider the league as its primary league. Any club or team granted permission to participate in another competition must fulfill its league schedule, responsibilities, and obligations two (2) weeks prior to or including that weekend. Any changes must first have the permission of the games chairman. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit and fine.

   J. BREAKING-OFF OF GAME: Games shall under no circumstances be broken-off by one of the participating teams. If a team breaks off a game without permission of the referee, the guilty party shall be penalized with loss of points. The breaking off of a game may also be penalized by fines or suspension.

   K. FORFEITED GAMES AND LOSS OF POINTS: If a league game is forfeited to an opponent without play, or if the arbiter orders a forfeit against the offending club, the opponent will be credited with a two to zero (2 to 0) win.  In addition the team/club will be fined a minimum of $100.  Any additional forfeit will result in an increase of $50 and if a team accumulates 3 forfeits, the team will be removed from competition.

   L. ATTEMPT TO INDUCE A PLAYER TO CHANGE CLUB: In cases where it can be proven beyond doubt that a deliberate attempt was ,made to induce a player to change his club, the person or club responsible for such an attempt shall be fined two hundred fifty ($250.00) dollars per player poached.

   M. NON-REPRESENTATION AT ANNUAL MEETINGS AND OTHER DELEGATE MEETINGS: Clubs must notify the league secretary prior to a meeting for an absence to be considered excused. Inexcusable absences by delegates at the annual convention shall be fined one hundred ($100.00) dollars. The fine for non-appearance at all other meetings shall be fifty ($50.00) dollars.

   N. BAD CHECKS: Any club/team found guilty of passing a bad check shall be fined the sum of $50.00 and shall be required to pay all future amounts due by certified check or cash.

   O. FINE PAYMENT DEADLINE: All fines and assessments are to be paid to the secretary within 30 days of the initial notification of the amount due. Failure to pay within the 30-day period shall result in an additional fine amounting to twice the original fine and/or assessment. This amount is then to be paid within 30 days not to exceed the league's annual convention. Failure to pay will result in suspension or expulsion for the club.


5. Re-hearing and appeals:
      a) If a club wishes to appeal a decision of the arbiter, it has, in the first instance, to request a reconsideration, and present an email giving specific reasons as to why a reconsideration is warranted.  There is No fee for a reconsideration.

The written request for a reconsideration, giving specific reasons, must be in the hands of the arbitrator not later than fourteen (14) days after notification of the first decision. 
      b) If a decision in a case, which started after May 1st, should affect the determination of a championship, an appeal may be taken directly to the appeals committee without a re-hearing.

   B. BEFORE THE APPEALS COMMITTEE: Against the decision of the re-hearing by the arbiter, an appeal may be filed with the appeals committee not later than fourteen (14) days after notification of the second decision with a fee of fifty ($50.00) dollars to the chairman of the appeals committee.

   C. BEFORE THE EASTERN NEW YORK YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION: An appeal against a decision of the appeals committee may be filed in writing with the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association not later than three (3) days after notification. The fee for such appeal shall be $250..

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