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Soccer Game

Guest Clubs Roster/Passes Upload   

For CJSL GUEST CLUBS- Game Day Rosters: (who are members of Big Apple, Metro Kids, Other)


Please use the below form to upload your Current Approved- Rosters and Passes from your HOME League.  When uploading Rosters, please upload them as a PDF.  When Uploading your player and coaches cards please upload both sides so that picture and date of birth is clear and visible.


The CJSL office will review the rosters and will approve them by stamping them with the official CJSL Stamp, and will then email them back to you. 


IMPORTANT: If you make any changes to your roster during the season, you must resubmit a new roster for approval by CJSL using the same form below.


For your CJSL games, only stamped approved roster will be allowed along with your home league issued player cards/passes for your coaches and players. 


Referees will be instructed as such and will not allow any games to be played if any other roster is used or any other passes are used.  There is NO excuses. 

Please Remember for Games:

  • Must have current year validated player cards present for games for your players and coaches.  

  • In addition you must have 3 copies of the GDR  from your HOME League with official Stamped CJSL Approval on the roster.

    • One Copy for the Referee

    • One Copy for the Opposing Team

    • One Copy to Keep




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