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    Indoor Rules    

CJSL Indoor League/Tournament Rules


1. The duration of games in our single day tournaments games are 20- mins straight.  If the score is tied in the semi-final and final round at the end of regulation time, there will be two (2) five (5) minute Golden Goal- periods shall be played; if the score is still tied, penalty kicks (3) shall be taken.

2. Teams shall be permitted to register up to 14 players. Only 10 players may dress per game; (All Age Groups)  will be allowed to play with unlimited substitutions in and out.

  • Minimum Players needed for a game:

    • 3 for 5v5 games

    • 4 for 6v6 games 

  • A player may only play for one team and one club in any age group.  Players cannot play for 2 different teams in the same age group even if the teams are from the same club.

  • Players can play up in age 2 yr max-(Ex U10 can play U11, U12 but can’t play U13 or older) and cannot play down even if age is correct on player pass.  

3. Only registered teams players are allowed to participate, NO GUEST PLAYERS.

  • Players/Coaches Travel Passes  (CJSL and US CLUB ONLY) (NO Intramural Passes allowed; and team rosters(from SIPlay ONLY) must be given to the League representative before the start of their game;



4. All regular soccer rules shall be in effect except the following;

  • (a) there shall be no offside;

  • (b) an indirect free kick shall be awarded if a goal kick is kicked over the midfield line of play without first bouncing or touching a player in own team’s half of play; Drop kick by goalkeeper over midfield line is NOT allowed.  Goalie cannot while in possession of the ball, throw the ball over the midfield line, Goalie can however roll ball outside box and then become a field player in order to play ball over the midfield line.

  • (c) an indirect free kick shall be awarded if the ball hits the ceiling, net or a fixture.

  • (d) on all free kicks the opponents must remain at least (3) yards from the ball;

  • (e) a player ejected from a game as a result of receiving a red card or two yellow cards shall be considered ejected from the game and can face further disciplinary action;

  • (f) pass back and throws into the goalkeeper is allowed;

  • (g) If the ball touches the netting on the sidelines/end-lines above the boards, is out.

  • (h) If the ball touches the netting above the field it is out and will result in indirect free kick below the point of contact. 


5. Substitutions may be made at any stoppage of play. All substitutions must be made from the substitution point with the knowledge of the Referee; player substitution shall not be allowed in the last minute of play.


6. Group standings shall be determined as follows; (a) a win shall count as 3 points; (b) a tie shall count as 1 point; (c) a loss shall receive no points; (d) in case of a tie, goal difference will determine the winner, if still tied, then head to head result will determine the winner, if still tied, then goals for will determine the winner.


7. All teams must bring two (2) sets of uniforms; players must wear shin guards, turf shoes or sneakers.  NO CLEATS.


8. Check IN by teams with the league representative must be made  20 minutes prior to your kick off.

A team that comes fails to appear at their kick off time for their scheduled game or fails to have the minimum # of players for their game (see rule #2) shall forfeit the game (2:0); and shall be fined a forfeit fee plus referee fees as set by the arbiter in accordance with CJSL By-laws.


9. All Clubs Are responsible for the conduct of its players, coaches and fans. Any club who fails to show proper respect, sportsmanship and fair play will be expelled from the tournament and face further disciplinary actions.


10. No Protests Allowed.  All decisions by the referee and or cjsl is final and binding.

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