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Minimum Standards (Requirements) for ANY NEW CJSL CLUB 


  1. All new Clubs will be mandated to show that they have sufficient players for 2-viable teams before being accepted as a new Club.  However if a club only has enough players to enter 1 team then that club will still be able to file for membership given that the following condition is met:

    •  The club must in a years time expand from 1 team to 2 teams.  If the club fails to register 2 teams, the following season, that club will forfeit their bond and will need to re-post a new bond.

  2. All New Clubs must provide a $1000.00 bond. (Bonds are returned after 2 Soccer Seasons (Sept-June x2)

  3. All New GUEST Clubs (The ONLY acceptable Guest Clubs must be from MIRSL or BAYSL) must provide a $500.00 bond.

  4. All new Clubs must provide proof or a valid permit, that you have a home field that will accommodate your teams, including the ability to be home team for two consecutive games.

  5. All new Clubs must ATTEND a seminar at the CJSL Office regarding How to use CJSL Player - Coach - Game entry - Score entry ONLINE system. Club MUST attend seminar prior to being able to register any teams.

  6. All New Clubs must complete the CJSL Club Membership Application Form (see below)

  7. All New Clubs will have to be accepted by CJSL member Clubs at a CJSL delegates (League) meeting, which are normally held in August/September and December, or the CJSL Annual General Meeting in June, per CJSL By-Laws.

  8. CJSL Club Application fee is $100.00 and is non-refundable and must be paid at time of submission.

  9. Per team registration for 2020 - 2021 season will be:

    1. CJSL Team Registration Fee is $250.00 per team for Fall 2020 Season

    2. CJSL Team Registration Fee is $250.00 per team for Spring 2021 Season

    3. CJSL Per Player Registration Fee is $26.00 per player for 2020 - 2021 Season

  10. Roster Information, Ref Fees and other team Information can be found at:

  11. Be advised that you will not be considered for CJSL membership unless all required fees, bond has been paid in full, field permit information is presented and are emailed to CJSL Office (  To make payment of bond please contact CJSL Office.

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